About Cute Sports Fan

We are a group of females who grew up fans of everything from baseball, football, and basketball, to college sports, to the Olympics, so sports fandom has been in our bones our entire lives. We live and breathe our teams and we can couch coach with the best of ’em, but being die hard sports fans doesn’t mean we trade in our femininity or fashionista cards. In fact, we are big time girly girls who love fashion. Luckily, as the female sports fan crowd has grown in massive numbers over the years, the sports fan gear industry has responded by offering some pretty awesome fashion, accessories, and fan gear for females.

We created Cute Sports Fan as the perfect way to combine our love for sports and our passion for fashion. We find all of the cutest sports fan apparel and gear that the industry has to offer, we promote it on our site so y’all know where to shop, and we put together fun fashion collages and style inspiration for all of the female sports fans out there like us who love their sports, but celebrate their femininity too! So have fun on our site, and get cute, sports fan!

xoxo Cute Sports Fan